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EcoHub, 205 George Street, Aberdeen

EcoHub has been set up by Grampian Energy Investments to provide manages office/works space for small start-up companies in renewable energy.

We offer shared services and IT support. All business within EcoHub share a common industry theme and are encouraged to be mutually supportive, through each is independent.

GEI has funded the establishment of the EcoHub and provided some seed funding to each business unit.

Unit 1: Leased to

  • Ecohub Scotland Ltd, SC4911170


  • The lastest and widest range of sustainable energy products
  • For home, office, business travel, camping, exploration
  • See, touch, try with our energy geeks.

Save Money

  • Lose Less,
  • Use Less,
  • Make More!

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Unit 2: Leased to

  • Grampian Energy Services
  • Desk taken by GEI
  • Further desk space available

Renewable Energy Technologies

  • GES is a multi technology company.
  • can assess your site, evaluate the energy yields possible, design the system, project manage their installation.

Energy Services, Home Office, Factory

  • Energy Performance Assessments
  • Green Deal Assessment Reports

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Unit 3: Workshop -

  • 4.5m by 13m
  • Available
  • Electrician and/or plumber sought

GEI has set up and pump funded the Eco Hub also providing seed equity funding to -

  • EcoHub Retail
  • and Grampain Energy Services

GEI Offers -

Business, marketing, financial forecasting advice for small start-up sustainable energy companies and can space available on easy terms within EcoHub.

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